IGB Products for H&K

IGB Austria - Barrel Technology manufactures barrels for almost every H & K Model on the civilian market - i.e. match barrels, caliberchange barrels, threaded barrels and extended barrels to customers specifiction.

The following products are permanently in production. If you have special requests, please contact our customer service per email or phone.

IGB ported barrel  HK Pistole
Barrel features:

The IGB muzzle ported barrel is an extended barrel with slits/ports on the upper side at the muzzle. This way the barrel redirects gas power upwards and reduce of muzzle flip can clearly be felt. This way it is possible to target quicker and to shoot faster.

IGB recommends this barrel specially to be used in a "carry pistol" as this barrel will fit a carry holster.

288,80 EUR
(incl. 20% tax)