IGB Products for 1911 & Clones

We offer:
  • Ramped barrels (Wilson/Nowlin, Clark, P.O. Ramps, Commander Ramp)
  • Bull
  • Unramped barrels
  • Extended and / or threaded barrels
  • Caliber Change ( Cal. 9mm,.38Super Auto, .357Sig, .40S&W, .10auto, .400Corbon, .45acp
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Welcome to the 1911 world of IGB Austria...

IGB Austria manufactures a wide range of all 1911 barrels and clones.

Barrels for Colt Commander and Grizzly are in a seperate category sub box.

Barrels for all other 1911-based pistols can be chosen by the basic caliber of the pistol itself.

The barrels are made from high grade barrel steel, but not stainless material.
They are semi-drop in and need fitting for best shooting results. IGB Austria also offers fitting service.

If a barrel is ordered as drop in we stick to the original measurements. Nonetheless drop-in cannot be guaranteed.
More sub-categories: