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IGB 9mm caliber change barrel for Glock Pistol 40S&W

229,90 EUR
(incl. 20% tax)
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Product no.: LG--9
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IGB 9mm caliber change barrel for Glock Pistol 40S&W
- BASIC features
  • Barrel in original length for Glock 40S&W Pistol
  • Plasmanitration from High Grade Barrel Steel
  • Barrel Steel  = 42CrMo4
  • Caliber = 9x19
  • 5 years guarantee on craftmanship
  • without CIP proof mark  (must be ordered extra for countries with CIP requirement)
- CALIBER CHANGE & other options to this product
  • Change of original caliber to caliber 9x21
  • "Fully Supported Chamber" as additonal feature

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This product is not subject to free trade across borders. Orders from Europe, Switzerland, Norway can be fullfilled through delivery to our trading partners in those countries. Private imports need conformity with the concerning country. Additonal info to requirements is given in the left box / "Information" - "Direct Ordering" - " Private Ordering".

USA customers: - currently we will deliver only to private persons on US territory..


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9x21 ( + 9,80 EUR )
CIP/proof mark:
no, not mandatory
yes, mandatory in my country ( + 18,40 EUR )
Fully Supported Chamber:
No, I buy ammo
Yes, I am reloader ( + 41,21 EUR )
Model of Pistol::
Glock 22 (Barrel length = 114 mm)
Glock 23 (Barrel length = 102 mm)
Glock 35 (Barrel length = 135 mm)
Glock 27 (Barrel length = 87 mm)
Glock 24 (Barrel length = 154 mm)
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IGB barrel for G19
- short description
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  • Plasmanitration from High Grade Barrel Steel
  • Barrel Steel  = 42CrMo4
  • Original length  = 102 mm
  • Original caliber = 9x19 or chosen caliber
229,90 EUR
(incl. 20% tax)
1 x 'IGB Custom Barrel for Glock 19' order