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IGB Pistol Shoulder Stock "Tactical" for Glock 17, 17L , 22,34,35

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Product no.: PPS-T-17
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shoulder stock for Glock standard frame
two magazine
two magazine
IGB Pistol Shoulder Stock Mod. Tactical ( Length: 39 cm)  is mounted with no modification to the gun - within seconds.  Simply hook on to pistol frame and fix with pin.

The length of mod. Tactical is specially dedicated to shooters with normal arm lenghts. If it would be a T-Shirt, you call it "M" od "L"

It offers additional space for 2 spare magazines.

  When stock is mounted, shooters gets maximum hold and best shooting results - specially when shooting fast serials.

Abb: Mod. Body Armor   -   Tactical   -   Carbine

Shooting with a pistol shoulder stock

Abb. Mod. Carbine mit Glock 17 und Vordergriff

means fun, best control of gun - also on larger ranges. It helps to reduce muzzle flip considerably.

Further accessories like forward grip or extended IGB Carbine barrel recommended.

Perfect for combat and survival missions or sports!


IGB Pistol Shoulder Stock - in tough test with Land Rover Serie III:

Abb. Land Rover Serie III drives over IGB Pistol Shoulder Stock.

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    • stabile, light-weight alloy-steel construction
    • position of base is flexible

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