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IGB Ported barrel for HK P2000 (9x19)

288,80 EUR
(incl. 20% tax)
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Product no.: M3HP20919
Shipping: subject to registration subject to registration
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IGB Ported barrel for HK P2000 (9x19)
IGB Ported barrel for HK P2000 (9x19)
IGB Ported barrel for HK P2000 (9x19)

  • Barrel as shown for HK P2000
  • Plasmanitration as hardening process
  • High grade barrel steel = 42CrMO4
  • Overall length with 3 ports at muzzle =112mm
  • Original caliber =9x19
  • 5 vears guarantee on material and craftmanship
  • without CIP proof mark (must be ordered if mandatory in your country)
  • shown price plus shipping costs  (ca. 14.50 Euro in Europe, 6 Euro in Austria)
Caliber Change and other barrel options:
  • Caliber Change to caliber 9x21
  • for options - please choose from menue below - or view via tab above to see more

This product is not subject to free international or domestic trade in Europe

Europa inkl. Schweiz and Norway
Orders through our online shop are not considered as firm order until you receive a second order confirmation. You get contacted by IGB Team for how the paperwork will be provided. IGB has also quite many representatives in all European Countries. So - over private import it would be very often more comfortable to order via your local dealer gun shop.

Orders from  USA - Canada
Orders from Canadians will be fullfilled  through our importer in Canada.
Orders from USA Territory will be fullfilled either directly from Austria or - by our own representation in USA (www.YRSinc.com )

Quick View TABLE  for Heckler & Koch  HK P2000 9mm
standard length of barrel 93 mm
Original caliber 9x19
blank / barrel diameter d=30/d=14mm
IGB Production parameter for this gun
caliber change barrel to caliber 9x21
maximum barrel length
190 mm
IGB Barrel Types for this gun
Threaded barrels  M14x1R, L   M13,5x1 R,L
M13x1 R, L    UNF on request
Ported barrels with 3 or 5 slits yes
IGB patented Kompensatorbarrel yes
IGB patented carbine barrel in 16" or 10" No, sorry
Other free / non registered IGB accessories to above pistol
add on Komps without Impulse System for a threaded barrel yes
Thread protectors only for following threads M14x1R
Liquid Gunsmith

Art.Nr.: SP20919
Art.Nr.: SP20921
+ 13,70 EUR
CIP/proof mark:
no, not mandatory
Art.Nr.: CIP
yes, mandatory in my country
Art.Nr.: CIP
+ 18,40 EUR
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