Customer FAQ

Dear Users of our website,

We are very often getting the same questions via email or through the contact link of this website. We have hundreds of barrel options and are not able to provide all the info on the product page itself.

Below is  a loose collection of question that were asked and answers that were given

20 Sep 2011  E-mail for Switzerland

Can you manufacute a threaded barrel for HK USP9mm with a M13x1 L thread?
With sincere regars

IGB Austria responds:

Dear Mr. X

Thank you for your inquiry.
Yes, we do manufacture threaded barrels for HK USP9mm. No problem.
But one question from us... B&T is offering two lefthanded threads, M13.5x1L and M13x1L.  Please check again to be on the safe side.

With sincere regards
IGB Austria

19 Sep 11 - An Austrian customer writes:


thank you for the fast delivery.

No we have a few more questions:
We would need for our G34 barrels (3 pcs received this week) 3 more compensators "Double Tank". How much are they?

Then we would be interested in recoil springs. I want to have as little as possible recoil. Would would you recommend and how much are they if I take 3 pcs again?

And how much is Liquid Gunsmith?

With sincere regards

   IGB Austria responds:  

Dear Mr. X

You have ordered threaded barrels M14x1 and we can offer kompensators without the impulse system.
Price per piece: Euro 55,00 inkl. MwSt.

re: recoil and recoil spring
It is not measurable that a komp and a komp spring would produce less recoil felt. This typ of  Komp will help to reduce muzzle flip, but will not necessarily reduce the felt recoil. The lighter recoil spring (komp spring) is only supporting the slide in opening and closing. So it does help to reduce stove pipes or feeding problems. In your case it is not necessary, except the ammo is light loaded one. If you want to be on the safe side, you could order a piece of compspring for Euro 8,50 (incl. VAT)

re: Liquid Gunsmith
Liquid Gunsmith can certainly help with a G34 in special - by making the dry/rough trigger point soft. So when pulling the trigger - you can do smooth action.
The price:
10ml Liquid Gunsmith Euro 11,23 (incl. VAT)
 5 ml Liquid Gunsmith Euro 8,65 (incl. VAT)

With sincere regards
IGB Austria

18 Sep 11 Customer from Switzerland asks:

I am interested in an alternativ barrel for Glock 17 3. Gen, which goes over standard length, because I want to use it in a CAA Roni Carbine System.
Which length are you offering and how much are they?  And are there any modifications to the gun necessary?
Looking forward to your reply.
With sincere regards
Response by IGB Austria:

Thank you for your email.

You have the option to use two types of barrels in such a system:

a) the maximum length for a barrel in a G17 3.Gen  is 7.5" (190 mm). It should work with the standard spring in your gun and there are no modifictions to gun at all. If you use light loaded ammo, then we could provide the compensator spring, which will help to provide stove pipes.
b) you take a 6" barrel and have no problem at all. The standard length is 114 mm and an 6" barrel with 153 mm is still giving an impressive long barrel.
c) you choose as option the 10" carbine barrel. If the CAA System is having the wider hole (for silencers) you could also put on the carine barrel the shroud. This will then be a very impressive configuration.  There are again no modifications to the gun.

Export to CH: net, without VAT for the extended barrel up to 7.5"    Euro 204,88
Export to CH, net, without VAT for the carbine barrel 10" without shroud: Euro 240,50
Shroud as option:  Euro 70,83
plus shipping costs  Euro 25,00

Paperwork for your country:
If you do not order through your dealer.
Please provide a copy of your "Waffenwerbsschein" for the G17 Pistol plus a copy of a picture ID (passport, driver licence). With those data we can file for the export permit, which we generally receive within 3-4weeks for Swiss Customers.

With sincere regards
IGB Austria