EU-Transport & Import Info

EU Guideline 91/477
(Transportation of Firearms and Ammunition inside European Union - from Member State to Member State)

When your country joined the European Union, it agreed to above guideline for transportation of firearms or ammunition. A barrel is as major part subject to this guideline. Subsequently each country developped its own form in its own language and the execution of this form is set - NOT with the ministry but with your local police authority. This means - that generally the authority giving out the gun permits is responsible to sign the prior consents forms. There is no custom inside the EU involved in signing permits.

This prior consent form gives you which right?
The Prior Consent is only entitling to transport the item from Country A to Country B. So a copy of the permit is inside the package and in case of  inspeciton will inform that the recipient authority is informed. The prior consent is not the registration of the barrel in the recipients name. The registration (where necessary) needs to be done after the receipt of the barrel. The registration is then effected according to the national law of the country.

How do those forms for the EU-prior consent look like?
Below there are samples of forms used in the countries. They are used by both - single person and gun dealers. You must check on the right side : (x)privat person or  (x)gun dealer.

GERMANY  -Musterformular - 1 Pistole und 2 Wechselläufe
FINLAND - Musterformular
FRANCE -Musterformular
GREECE -Musterformular
ITALY - Musterformular
LITHUANIA - Musterformular
MALTA - Musterformular
NETHERLANDS - Musterformular
PORTUGAL - Musterformular
SWEDEN - Musterformular
SLOWENIA - Musterformular
SPAIN - Musterformular
  to third countries - Switzerland, USA, Norway

Order by a private person:

We file for export permit with our Minitry of Economics. For that we need certain data provided by the prospect.


a) Copy of your "Gun Purchase Permit" - where the pistol is shown - you are ordering the barrel for
b) Copy of an official identity card (Passport, driver licence...etc.)
all can be emailed.

Norway and other Third countries

a) Copy of an official identity card (passport, driver licence, police officer ID...etc)
b) if your country issues gun permit --- copy of your personal gun permit


a) Copy of an official identity card  ( gunpermit oder identity card, oder driver licence )

Orders by gun dealers:

Either you supply the "general import permit" or
if your country issues "individual import permit", please provide your individual import permit with our name on. 
End Use Statement (Form is provided by IGB Austria)

All info is subject to change without prior notice. IGB Austria cannot be held responsible for the info given. Please check info with your local authority.
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